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Catholic Home Schooling Programs

The Angelicum Academy

P.O. Box 4605

Rolling Bay, Washington 98061



The Angelicum Academy (TA) is a Catholic home school and liberal education program based on the liberal arts and the classical great books of Western civilization (with optional online Socratic discussion seminars).  It is no coincidence that TA appears very similar to the Great Books Academy (GBA).  This is because TA is a spin-off of the GBA.  The Angelicum Academy was formed when Catholic directors of the GBA came to realize that an educational program like the GBA could be more relevant for Catholic students if it were based upon the shared starting points of a common creed as defined and clarified by the Catholic magisterial authority.  The foundation of TA is based on collections of literature from the Great Books List and the Good Books List.  These lists are compilations of the greatest works of literature from Western civilisation.  The TA high school program uses the Great Books List as a source.  The elementary program uses the Good Books List.

Kolbe Academy

2501 Oak Street

Napa, California 94559


(707) 255-6499

Kolbe Academy has a day school in California and a national home school program.  Their day school was founded in 1980 and the home study school was established in 1985.  Kolbe’s aim has been to restore classical education to Catholic schools.  They follow an Ignatian-directed educational philosophy where the goal is to train the student to speak, to write, and to act.  If you are interested in providing a classical and orthodox Catholic education for you children, then this may be the program for you.

Little Saints Catholic Preschool

P.O. Box 19356

Asheville, North Carolina 28805



Little Saints is designed to be convenient and flexible for mothers of pre-schoolers.  It provides a very effective, beneficial, and positive first introduction to the lifelong adventure of learning.  The clearly laid out lesson plans include: the Word of God, illustrated literature, interactive learning games, poetry, nursery rhymes & finger plays, songs & circle games, and educational art projects.  In addition to stimulating intellectual growth, Little Saints also helps develop your child’s love for and knowledge about the Faith through Catholic feast day celebrations, interactive Bible and saint stories, Catholic art & craft projects which are all correlated within the weekly theme’s activities.

Mother of Divine Grace School

P.O. Box 1810

Ojai, California 93024


(805) 646-5818

Mother of Divine Grace School (MODG) was founded in 1995.  Their goal has been to furnish parents with the information, resources, and support necessary to provide their children with a Catholic education according to the classical method.  This home study program was developed in response to the success of Laura Berquist’s book, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.  Her book sparked such an interest the she responded to her readers’ requests by developing a home study program and offering consulting services.  Thus, Mother of Divine Grace School was born.  The mandate of MODG is to assist parents in teaching their children the tools of learning.
Our Lady of the Rosary School

1010 Withrow Court
Bardstown, Kentucky 40004


(502) 348-1338

Since 1983, Our Lady of the Rosary School (OLRS) has been assisting parents in the home education of their children.  OLRS is a correspondence school offering a complete curriculum for students from pre-kindergarten through to grade 12.  They consider their school to be “an apostolate dedicated to saving the souls of children by giving them the opportunity to receive a superior, truly Catholic education in the best possible environment – the home”.  Their goal is to assist parents in the instruction of their children in the Holy Catholic Faith using academics to achieve it.

Regina Coeli Academy

6429 S. Woodland Hills Dr.

Tucson, Arizona 85747U.S.A.

(520) 751-1942

Regina Coeli (RCA) is the first all-online educational program for Roman Catholics.  They began offering classes in 1995.  RCA offers a college preparatory program and a junior program for children ages 10-13.  With the exception of the junior programme, all courses are taught at the college prep level and provide the opportunity for students to excel in specialised study or to enrol in a complete academic curriculum.  RCA provides live classroom participation, interactive World Wide Web forum, electronic mail, and evaluation of student work.  According to RCA, their purpose is “to provide Roman Catholic students with a rigorous online college preparatory curriculum that challenges the intellect and nourishes the spirit with the riches of the Catholic tradition”.
St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

2408 Pridmore Avenue

Modesto, California 95355


(209) 529-7458

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy (STAA) is a home study program developed by home schoolers for the home schooling family.  Their educational influence comes directly from the works of St. Thomas Aquinas who established the highest standards in Catholic liberal arts.  His works united faith and reason, revelation and philosophy, and biblical and classical traditions.  The classical program offered at STAA gently prepares the student to learn from the great books and understand the great ideas essential to that same work of integrating faith with reason.  STAA is dedicated to the Catholic formation and education of children through the persons granted the grace and commission to do so by Our Heavenly Father – the child’s own parents.

Seton Home Study School

1350 Progress Drive

Front Royal, Virginia 22630


(540) 636-9990

Seton Home Study School was founded in 1980.  Seton is probably the most well known home study school among Catholic home schoolers.  They offer a program that is recognized for its Catholicity and academic excellence. Seton’s curriculum is classically Catholic.  They believe that the home schoolers of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and their curriculum reflects the belief that Catholics today need to be fully informed in the Faith, while not neglecting great secular works of Western civilization.  While always striving to use Catholic materials in their curriculum, when such materials are not available they have either published their own materials or have given the Catholic perspective in the lesson plans.